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Early keyboard fingerings a comprehensive guide

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Authors and Corporations: Bull, John (Composer), Kittel, Johann Heinrich (Composer), Raison, André (Composer), Saint-Lambert, Michel de (Composer), Couperin, François (Composer), Scarlatti, Alessandro (Composer), Händel, Georg Friedrich (Composer), Hartung, Philipp Christoph (Composer), Müller, August Eberhard (Composer), Clementi, Muzio (Composer), Erbach, Christian (Composer), Gibbons, Orlando (Composer), Mesangeau, René (Composer), Dandrieu, Jean-François (Composer), Zipoli, Domenico (Composer), Bach, Johann Sebastian (Composer), Buchner, Hans (Composer), Ammerbach, Elias Nikolaus (Composer), Lindley, Mark (Editor)
Title Statement: Early keyboard fingerings a comprehensive guide compiled and ed. by Mark Lindley and Maria Boxall
Type of Resource: Volume Notated Music
Mainz [u.a.] Schott 1992
Physical Description: XIV, 98 S.; Faks.
Rezension: Williams, Peter, 1937 - 2016: Early keyboard fingerings, a comprehensive guide