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Political culture in post-communist Europe: attitudes in new democracies

Authors and Corporations: Pollack, Detlef (Editor)
Title Statement: Political culture in post-communist Europe: attitudes in new democracies/ ed. by Detlef Pollack ...
Type of Resource: Book
Aldershot [u.a.] Ashgate 2003
Physical Description: XXII, 264 S; graph. Darst; 22 cm
RVK Notation:
MG 80070
  • Politische Systeme einzelner Länder
    • Europa, Nordamerika
      • Osteuropa (ehem. Ostblock)
        • Allgemeines
          • Politisches Verhalten, politische Psychologie, politisches Bewußtsein
            • Allgemeines
MG 80086
  • Politische Systeme einzelner Länder
    • Europa, Nordamerika
      • Osteuropa (ehem. Ostblock)
        • Allgemeines
          • Politischer Wandel (Tradition, Fortschritt, Reform, Konflikt, Krise, Revolution)
RL 60817
  • Regionale Geografie
    • Europa
      • Mitteleuropa
        • Ostmitteleuropa
          • Ostmitteleuropa
            • Allgemeine Geografie
              • Anthropogeografie
                • Sozialgeografie und Politische Geografie
                  • Teilgebiete und Einzelfragen
                    • Politische Geografie
                      • Geografie der Nationen und Staaten
Table of Contents:
  • Culture as destiny \ Lucian W. Pye
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Political culture and democratization : the Russian case in comparative perspective \ Archie Brown
  • Political culture in East-Central and Eastern Europe : empirical findings 1990-2001 \ Peter A. Ulram and Fritz Plasser
  • Learning democracy : do democratic values adjust to new institutions? \ Robert Rohrschneider
  • Interest in politics and the political culture approach : the case of the new democracies of Southern and Eastern Europe \ Irene Martin
  • Persistence of the democracies in Central and Eastern Europe : consolidation, stability, and people's power of resisting \ Jörg Jacobs, Olaf Müller and Gert Pickel
  • Satisfaction with democracy and its sources : the cases of East Germany and Hungary \ Jan Delhey and Verena Tobsch
  • Transformation and polarization : attitudes towards equality and achievement and the search for losers and winners of the East German transformation 1990-1995 \ Heiner Meulemann
  • Über sieben Brücken mubt Du gehen ... ' Life worlds as places of socialization and biographical transformation work : a plea for the cooperation between quantitative and qualitative transformation research \ Anna Schwarz
  • Values, small life worlds and communitarian orientations : ambivalent legacies and democratic potentials in post-communist political cultures \ Gerd Meyer
  • Political culture in post-communist Europe : radical cultural change or adaptation on the basis of old cultural patterns? \ Ivan Bernik and Brina Malnar
  • Solidarity, justice, and social change : Germany's ten years of unification \ Bernd Wegener
  • On culture, thick and thin : toward a neo-cultural synthesis \ William Mishler and Detlef Pollack.