The child as musician : a handbook of musical development

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Verfasserangabe: edited by Gary McPherson
Format: Buch
veröffentlicht: Oxford [u.a.]: Oxford University Press, 2006
Umfang: XXI, 501 S.; Ill., graph. Darst., Notenbeisp.; 25 cm
Enthält auch: Prenatal development /Richard Parncutt --Infants as musical connoisseurs /Sandra E. Trehub --The musical brain /Donald A. Hodges --What develops in musical development? /Jeanne Bamberger --Musicality /Susan Hallam --Exposure to music : the truth about the consequences /E. Glenn Schellenberg --Musical preference and taste in childhood and adolescence /David J. Hargreaves, Adrian C. North, and Mark Tarrant --Musical literacy /Janet Mills and Gary E. McPherson --Aesthetic response /Margaret S. Barrett --The perception of emotion in music /Emery Schubert and Gary E. McPherson --Developing motivation /James Austin, James Renwick, and Gary E. McPherson --Giftedness and talent /Gary E. McPherson and Aaron Williamon --Including everyone /Judith A. Jellison --Music therapy for children /Leslie Bunt --Musical play /Kathryn Marsh and Susan Young --Singing and vocal development /Graham F. Welch --Playing an instrument /Gary E. McPherson and Jane W. Davidson --The individual and social worlds of children's musical creativity /Pamela Burnard --Computers and technology /Peter R. Webster and Maud Hickey --Historical perspectives /Gordon Cox --Global practices /Patricia Shehan Campbell --Cultural traditions /Robert Walker --Positive youth musical engagement /Susan A. O'Neill --Musician identity formation /Jane W. Davidson and Karen Burland.
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