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Die Globalität unsicherer Arbeit als konzeptionelle Provokation: Zum Zusammenhang zwischen Informalität im „Globalen Süden“ und Prekarität im „Globalen Norden“

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Authors and Corporations: Mayer-Ahuja, Nicole
Type of Resource: E-Article
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Co. KG
Physical Description: 264-296
Abstract: <p>Since the 1970s, informal labor has spread from the Global South, where it was discovered, to the Global North. In spite of what modernization theory says, informal labor has not disappeared, but is, instead, increasing worldwide. It affects not only employment, but also labor processes. To tackle the resulting conceptual provocations we must explore transnational perspectives. An analysis of both interconnected and uneven development will help debunk the notion that insecure labor is a timeless "normality". It is important to overcome labor sociology's exclusive focus on a seemingly stable corporate microcosm and to question current debates on insecure labor that ignore the impact capital has had in its development.</p>
Physical Description: 264-296
ISSN: 0340-613X