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From Migrant Knowledge to Fugitive Knowledge? German Migrants and Knowledge Production in Guatemala, 1880s – 1945

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Authors and Corporations: Penny, H. Glenn
Type of Resource: E-Article
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Co. KG
Physical Description: 381-412
Abstract: <p>German migration to Guatemala was closely tied to the rise of coffee capitalism. Yet German migrants also built businesses, established families, founded schools, interacted with other Guatemalans, and produced a great deal of local knowledge that fed German, Guatemalan, and international science. That knowledge also shaped businesses, helped transform Guatemalan landscapes, and affected children's worldviews. This essay highlights those contributions and underscores the interconnections between the fates of migrants and the knowledge they produced. It also engages current debates about German migrants, who have become ciphers for the best and worst aspects of Guatemalan modernity.</p>
Physical Description: 381-412
ISSN: 0340-613X